City Gun Violence Reduction Insight Portal

CityGRIP is an online clearinghouse of data-informed gun violence reduction strategies created by Everytown for Gun Safety

The Essentials

Essential practices are recommended for every city and highlight strategies that enhance the data-informed work that your jurisdiction is already doing.

Custom Results

Custom results highlight practices that may be best suited for particular jurisdiction types or to address specific types of gun violence.

Build your blueprint

Use the filters to create a custom blueprint for gun violence reduction for your city. The more filters you select the more comprehensive your blueprint. Your blueprint will include ‘Essentials’ noted with a check mark that we recommend for every city.

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Tracking & Analytics

Crime Gun Intelligence Centers

Establish multi-agency law enforcement partnerships to collect, analyze, and manage evidence related to guns used in crimes.

The Essentials Tracking & Analytics

Track Gun Violence

Collect and analyze fatal and non-fatal shooting data to monitor gun violence, target resources, and inform policy and program decisions.

Tracking & Analytics

Mayor’s Office of Gun Violence Prevention

Establish a centralized office to coordinate key stakeholders and strategies to effectively and sustainably reduce gun violence.

Tracking & Analytics

Gunshot Detection

Invest in audio-sensing technology to alert law enforcement to when and where a gun has been fired.

Tracking & Analytics

Open Data and Transparency

Share law enforcement and city data with the community to build trust and improve community-based services.

The Essentials Prevention

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Transform public spaces where crime occurs into safe, community-centered places.


Domestic Violence Danger and Lethality Assessments

Implement assessments in domestic violence cases to identify survivors who are at high-risk of becoming homicide victims.


Early Intervention Systems

Implement systems to identify officers at-risk of engaging in improper conduct or excessive use of force and address behaviors.


Safe Passage

Deploy school employees, volunteers, and/or professionals to provide students with safe routes to and from school in high-crime neighborhoods.

The Essentials Prevention

Secure Gun Storage

Educate gun owners and the general public about secure gun storage to make their homes and communities safer.


Extreme Risk Law Implementation

Implement laws at the local level through cross-agency coordination, public awareness campaigns, and training.


NICS Denials Investigations

Investigate background check denials to identify individuals who may be at-risk of committing violence.


Disarm Domestic Abusers

Implement surrender and enforcement protocols to disarm domestic abusers who are not legally allowed to possess guns.


Family Justice Centers

Support domestic violence and gun violence survivors through colocation of holistic services.


Focused Deterrence Programs

Convene law enforcement, social service providers, and community members to provide social supports to group-involved individuals.


Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs

Deploy case managers in hospitals to coordinate wraparound services for survivors of gunshot wounds to reduce retaliation and re-injury.


Street Outreach

Deploy credible messengers to identify conflict, intervene to prevent violence, and provide social services to high-risk individuals.


Intimate Partner Violence Intervention

Convene law enforcement, social service providers, and community members to provide support to survivors and deter abusers from engaging in violence.


Violence Reduction Fellowships

Provide intensive social services and financial opportunity to individuals at high-risk of committing violent offenses.

The Essentials Response

Trace Every Crime Gun

Develop investigative leads by submitting every crime gun to the ATF’s National Tracing Center for analysis.

The Essentials Response

Submit Crime Gun Ballistics

Develop investigative leads by submitting ballistic evidence to the FBI’s National Integrated Ballistic Information Network for analysis.

The Essentials Response

Multi-Discipline Homicide & Shooting Incident Reviews

Convene stakeholders to review homicide and shooting incidents and develop intervention and prevention strategies.


Problem-Solving Hot Spots

Utilize data and deploy law enforcement resources to the small geographic areas with the highest rates of gun violence.

What a useful tool and way to learn about the strategies that work to reduce gun violence. This will have great value for Mayors and community members across the nation. Thank you.