City Gun Violence Reduction Insight Portal

Your Data-Driven Blueprint for Gun Violence Prevention

CityGRIP is an online clearinghouse of data-informed gun violence reduction strategies. Select at least one of the filters below to create a custom blueprint for gun violence reduction for your city. The more filters you select, the more comprehensive your blueprint. Practices with a check mark are ‘Essentials’ recommended for every city. Learn more about CityGRIP.

The Essentials

Essential practices are recommended for every city and highlight strategies that enhance the data-informed work that your jurisdiction is already doing.

Custom Results

Custom results highlight practices that may be best suited for particular jurisdiction types or to address specific types of gun violence.

“CityGRIP is great! What a useful tool and way to learn about the strategies that work to reduce gun violence! This will have great value for Mayors and community members across the nation. Thank you.”