Case Studies

Case Studies are profiles of cities that have implemented a CityGRIP strategy. They may include information about a strategy’s impact on gun violence, the resources the city invested in the strategy, and lessons learned during implementation. Case Studies also provide contact information for the profiled city so that you can engage directly with the city to learn more.

Clackamas County

  • Domestic Violence Danger and Lethality Assessments

    Law enforcement personnel who respond to a domestic incident are required to ask the victim 11 evidence-based questions intended to assess the victim’s risk of homicide.

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  • NICS Denial Investigations

    Oregon State Police are responsible for conducting national background checks for all purchase requests received.

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  • Crime gun intelligence center and Crime Gun Ballistics

    Denver’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) was created to facilitate the use of data and technology in criminal investigations related to gun violence.

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  • Gunshot Detection

    Denver installed gunshot detection technology, ShotSpotter, in areas with concentrated gun violence.

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Los Angeles

  • Street Outreach

    The Mayor’s Office of Public Safety created the Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) program to address the city’s gang and gun violence problems by adopting a comprehensive approach.

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  • Focused Deterrence

    Philadelphia piloted a focused deterrence program in 2013. The focused deterrence framework seeks to reduce violence by altering the perceptions of high-risk groups and individuals about the costs of offending.

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  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

    Philadelphia has successfully implemented Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) by restoring blighted and vacant urban land.

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  • Submitting Crime Gun Ballistics

    The Firearms Identification Unit (FIU) of the Philadelphia Police Department analyzes and investigates ballistic evidence such as bullets and fired cartridge cases collected from crime scenes and crime guns.

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  • Problem-Solving Hot Spots

    In Philadelphia, the police department uses data and advanced information systems to routinely and precisely identify locations where gun violence is most concentrated.

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